Cooperative ITS systems will provide drivers with information on the current situation in road traffic, contribute to drivers’ traffic foresight and make a significant contribution to the flow of road traffic and the reduction of accidents, especially serious ones. Early receipt of accurate information is absolutely essential for the driver to readily perceive the situation in road traffic and focus on a possible problem.

The aim of the C-Roads Czech Republic project is to verify the operation of cooperating intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) in practice on Czech roads and selected railway crossings. Thanks to the implementation of the latest technology based on the principle of direct communication between vehicles or vehicles and the transport infrastructure, there will ultimately increase road safety, protect health and people, reduce accidents and increase traffic flow.

C-Roads Czech Republic is a project closely connected with the international initiative C-Roads, which was the result of joint activities of the Czech Republic, Austria and Germany, especially the federal state of Lower Saxony. The project aims to harmonize and cooperate in the implementation of C-ITS systems in Central European countries.